Whether In The Future Food Packaging Can Be Consumed?

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Currently when we buy food, then we will dispose of wrappings. But food packaging in the future can be eaten later. With the development of technology, food packaging in the future will soon be a far more enjoyable thing than today. In the future, later packaging of food will be consumed.

Currently, food packaging material from milk protein has been created. This material is thin and clear like plastic. The difference is, these materials have the ability to keep food from exposure to oxygen up to 500 times more effective than conventional plastics.

Because it is made from cow’s milk, this plastic is clearly environmentally friendly because it can be broken down by the soil. The contents of this plastic can also be ranging from instant soup or coffee. So this food packaging can later be put into hot water to decompose and then consumed safely.

So, with the new generation of plastic is not only food that is always fresh but also our earth. The reason, this plastic will not damage the environment because sanga is easy to decompose. The only problem with this environmentally friendly plastic is its source.

If it will be commercialized, then this industry will need a lot of cow’s milk. Hopefully the cows that are used are not derived from the evil farms that confine cows in narrow cages and treat them so cruelly.

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