GreenPack is here to attend to the needs of company for food-packaging printing, food boxes, and food packaging Our food grade quality also make sure that health issues are no longer a burden for food companies.

Additionally, GreenPack is beneficially water-and-oil resistant, is microwaveable, and recyclable. Also, companies can have their brand-logo printed on the top of our GreenPack packaging. All of GreenPack products are made of papers for food so that all kinds of food can be heatly covered and or wrapped.

As a food-packaging with food-grade quality, GreenPack is available with various designs that suit all kinds of needs from food companies. GreenPack always prioritizes quality and service in delivering every product, and was initially born to help each food company in food-packaging matters. Food packaging. Unstoppable, GreenPack will creatively continue striving to sustain quality and consistency in preserving the environment. .